The creative industry mentorship project

The Creative Industry Mentorship Project

The creative industry is vast, complex and all the more exciting because of it. However, this can make understanding how to break into, and navigate around it, pretty difficult for fresh talent. Routes In is designed to open up the Creative industry, making it more inclusive and diverse by supporting every route to success.

We’re connecting those who have made it with those who are on their way.


Supporting every route to success.

In collaboration with our brilliant partners

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Open House mentorship program

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Apply for our Open House mentorship program in collaboration with Soho House Impact, making the creative industry more diverse and inclusive by connecting local thought leaders with young trailblazers from different backgrounds. The program is currently running in Amsterdam, New York and Toronto, with more locations coming up in 2020.

Online training

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Kick start your journey with our free online course in collaboration with 42 courses designed to demistify the creative industry and help you find your place within it.


Routes Instagram

Check out our @routes_in instagram where we will be sharing advice, wisdom and Routes In to help you navigate the creative industry, learn from those within it and connect to opportunities with it.



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People making Routes In happen

Our global team is made up of a group of individuals committed to unlocking potential within people. Routes In is a passion project in which we love to spend our free hours; this is our side hustle, alongside full-time roles in the Creative Industry.

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Emily Hinks - AMSTERDAM

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cornelius rosenbaum - NEW YORK

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charlotte stothert - AMSTERDAM

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marco visscher - AMSTERDAM

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rosa boon - AMSTERDAM


jessica patrick - NEW YORK

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lete hulscher - AMSTERDAM


Sascha klimov - NEW YORK

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katharina jacobi - AMSTERDAM