Mentorship for young creatives

Connecting those who have made it with those who are on their way.

Mentorship for young creatives

Connecting those who have made it with those who are on their way.

Through mentorship, we connect young creatives with information and human connection to better understand the types of career paths available to them


Knowing about the creative industry, understanding the different sectors, roles and opportunities. Recognising it as a viable and rewarding place to build a career.


Being able to get a foot into the door; get an interview, meeting the right people; being referred or approached.


How to develop long-term, healthy and thriving career path, understanding development options, unlocking and making the most of growth opportunities.

Routes In supports young talent in overcoming adversity, underrepresentation or lack of privilege.

For Young Creatives

We run programmes that offer mentoring for young people looking for routes into the creative industries.

For Mentors

Help grow young creatives confidence, connections, and experience through mentorship

Our work has real impact where it matters

We believe accountability is imperative for change. That’s why we measure our impact across every programme we run.


of the mentees feels that they were well matched and made progress

Soho mentorship Copenhagen, 2022


Confirm that they feel more as part of the crreative industry through the program

Soho mentorship Amsterdam, 2021


have at least one collaboration resulted from the programme

Soho mentorship Amsterdam, 2022

Talent is equally distributed, opportunities are not

We're on a mission to change that by removing barriers of overcoming discrimination or marginalisation. From culture, to race, gender, neurodiversity, sexual orientation - the creative work of the future hinges on the brilliance of diversity of thought and experiences.

Mentee X Mentor stories

Fitness Content Creation
“During the program she really gave me the feeling that everything I could think of was possible.” Courtney boosted Jeremy’s confidence to get out of his comfort zone and chase his dreams as a personal trainer / content creator, by guiding him with business and brand strategy. Now, Jeremy has his fitness account set up and also has given group lessons in the Soho gym.

Jeremy X Courtney

Mentee X Mentor stories

Animation Branding
Liam and Saber worked on the branding of Saber’s animation channel, logo, as well as strategy. As a result, Saber not only has built his animation branding, papasaber, but also felt he has earned a priceless friendship. “He is someone I can talk to about anything.” At the same time, Liam also improved his listening skills, flexibly changing his mentorship strategy adapting to the mentee’s needs, while giving advice where needed.

Saber X Liam

Mentee X Mentor stories

Brogan helped Olivia set up her storytelling photography project, by refining her ideas and connecting to the right people accordingly. Lifting Olivia’s confidence with her new networks, skills, insights, Brogan gained self-confidence to speak about the knowledge she has gained throughout her career. Mutually experiencing amicable and supportive relationship, Brogan will continue to support Olivia’s next career steps.

Olivia X Brogan

Mentee X Mentor stories

Cely is a actress, writer and filmmaker, originally from Puerto Rico. When joining the programme she worked on a variety of side projects showcasing her passion for dancing, singing and composing. Ingrid, helped her enormously with moving forward in her career by submitting several of her works into film festivals, developing her confidence and break into new roles.

Ingrid Jean-Baptiste & Cely Riva

Mentee X Mentor stories

Maias aspiring to use her business degree in the creative industry, Maias has been mentored b and partner of the successful design brand Frama, who has guided her in how to kick doors in at the right places. Maias has been one of the lead organisers of the Showcase event, that is purely curated and facilitated by the mentees.

Johan Christian & Chen Maias Salman

Mentee X Mentor stories

Gianni has a music collective, who performed at the showcase. Marieke helped him create a brand book and use this to reach out to festivals, since the program they've performed at a number of awesome gigs and festivals with Mariekes support.

Marieke Samallo & Gianni Emanuel

Mentee X Mentor stories

Triggered by his own experience with workaholism in our culture and the effect it has on our mental health he started working on his first EP “Eye service” in November 2019. While being guided by his mentor Sydney Miller, the worked hard to write, record and publish his first, very personal pieces in the beginning of this year. Sidney especially supported him by sharing her experience and advice around the in’s & out’s for distribution as well as PR. His EP includes 7 tracks of which two can already be found on Spotify.

Sydney Miller & Michael Ekow Ashong

Mentee X Mentor stories

My mentor Patrizio helped me and was there for me to push my professional career in the direction I wanted it to go. I got the amazing opportunity after my mentorship to start an internship at his company where we continued with the project I was working on during the mentorship program. I learned how to design shoes, how to create an app, and much more! I’m so happy for this experience, you don’t even know!

Nadine Jürgens & Patrizio Carlucci