Engage your employees by driving your organization’s diversity, inclusion and social impact initiatives

We offer tailor made mentorship programs for your organisation that fit your culture, needs and future goals.

We recruit young talent from diverse backgrounds

We reach out to schools, creative hubs, community centres as well as social platforms. Potential candidates go through our streamlined process of:


Written application and motivation

One on one interviews

Getting to know people on a deeper level to uncover motivation and ambition.

Matching mentees with mentors

Finding the best matches within the pool of young talent (mentees) and experienced professionals (mentors).

Program delivery

We design and deliver all of the touch-points of your mentorship program. This entails all key events for your group of mentees and mentors such as:


We will guide each pair to set up their way of collaboration with one another including goal setting as well as how, where and when they want to communicate.

Half-way inspiration

The half-way inspiration event, is to share stories, offer tips and advice on how to continue making the most of the program and keep the momentum going.

Final showcase

A wrap-up moment to celebrate the shared journey and achievements along the way; launching the mentees into their next steps.

We measure and report the impact of our programmes

We believe accountability is imperative for change, that’s why we measure our impact across every programme we run.

Reporting on insights throughout the course of the programme we keep you updated on insights

Capturing contents of events and stories

Final evaluation and impact reporting.

View our impact reports

Our delivery phases

Mentee & Mentors onboarding

Once recruitment and matching is done, onboard them to the program, and provide the resources they need to make the program a success

Programme kick-off

During this session we will guide each pair through designing their bespoke relationship

Bi-weekly & Halfway check in

We recommend bi-weekly check ins, these can be in person or online. Half-way through the programme, we facilitate an event to is to keep the momentum going.

Showcase & Graduation

One of the programme’s highlight is when mentees get to showcase their project in a formal graduation setting. We host and facilitate this event.

Reach out to us for a detailed programme timeline

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