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Are you willing to share, support and get inspired through mentorship?

We're looking for mentors who are willing to give back and share their experiences with the new generation of creatives.

Why become a Routes In mentor?

Help diversify the creative industry

Get connected with a cohort of various mentors and mentees - creating room for connection, collaboration and impact

Gain new and fresh perspectives

Mentoring gives you the chance to engage with someone younger than you, who may see things very differently.

Creating genuine impact

We all have that teacher, former boss or neighbour that left an important mark in our lives. This is your chance to become that person for someone else.

Our mentors profiles and values

Previous longterm experience or currently working within the creative industry - advocate of diversifying the creative business

Empathic and good listener - curious to hear from a younger generation and excited to support individual paths for growth

Share knowledge and experience in how to navigate the creative industry with your mentee

What was it like to be a Routes In mentor?

I got nostalgic when i get asked the same questions I had at the begining of my career. It helps me put me own career and sometimes my personal life into perspective. It’s a form of theraphy for me. Being faced directly how we sometimes don’t appreciate how our own diversity - background or personality traits have opened doors that otherwise will not be available


Mentor, Soho Mentorship, Amsterdam

What was it like to be a Routes In mentor?

What I love about Routes-In is that it creates genuine connections in all directions. Mentees inspire mentors, mentors inspire mentees, and everyone serves as a resource for others. They’re also very intentional with matching. My mentee [Evelyn] and I grew very close, and I believe it is in part because Routes-In is so skilled at creating great matches.

Jane’a Johnson

Mentor, Soho Mentorship Amsterdam

What was it like to be a Routes In mentor?

Mentoring really is a reciprocal exchange of thoughts, ideas, and experiences. The trust that is built, sets the scene for such a meaningful journey. As the mentor to a young woman, I found myself learning so much about a different world altogether. The matching of our cultural backgrounds, contrasted with complete differences in age and life experiences, made for a win-win outcome. They say that once you mentor someone once, you tend to be their mentor for life…I can testify to that truth.

Camille John

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We believe accountability is imperative for change. That’s why we measure our impact across every programme we run.


of the mentees feels that they were well matched and made progress

Soho mentorship Copenhagen, 2022


Confirm that they feel more as part of the crreative industry through the program

Soho mentorship Amsterdam, 2021


have at least one collaboration resulted from the programme

Soho mentorship Amsterdam, 2022