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We run programmes that offer mentoring for young people looking flooking to shape their creative career.

Here’s your opportunity to step up your game in the creative industry

Grow your understanding of the creative industry

Get first hand knowledge of roles, careers, types of work places and skills needed to be qualified.

Boost your career growth with the help of a trusted mentor

Receive feedback and advice from an experienced mentor to develop your skillset, confidence, resilience and self-awareness that will help you succeed.

Build your network of professional contacts

Meet people with similar interests and get inspired by other creative minds and perspectives while growing your connections within the industry.

If you feel like you've missed out, been overlooked, marginalised or underestimated, we're here to help you forge your own route in.

How it works

From application to graduation


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Fill in the application form for one of our programmes below. Check the mentee requirements before applying.


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You will be invited for an interview to help us determine a good mentor match. If we find a good match you are being invited to join the program.


Showcase & Graduation

Wrap up your journey with a final event, organised together with the fellow mentees on the program. This is your moment to showcase your progress and awesome self.

We are looking for you: an ambitious individual who is looking to break into the creative industry, but doesn't have the opportunity due to where you grew up, the education you've had or because of the way you sound, look or present yourself in the world.

If you feel like you've missed out, been overlooked, marginalised, underestimated or there is no-one in your network to help you start, we're here to help you forge your own route in.

Find a program that suits you

Grow your understanding of the creative industry careers landscape, build your network of professional contacts, expand your portfolio and develop skills that will help you succeed in the industry.

Soho Mentorship, Berlin

We're excited to have launched the 'Soho Mentorship' program in Berlin for the first time in 2023. Empowering young diverse talent by matching them with experienced industry professionals from Soho House.

Soho Mentorship, Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is ready! We’re launching the Soho Mentorship program in 2024 for the first time, matching up young creative talent with local professionals from the industry.

Soho Mentorship, Amsterdam

Since 2019, the 'Soho Mentorship' program by Soho House pairs young creatives from lower socioeconomic and underrepresented backgrounds with local Soho House members.

Soho Mentorship, Copenhagen

The 'Soho Mentorship' program was introduced in Copenhagen in 2022; pairing diverse young talent with experienced professionals from the creative industries.

Soho Mentorship, Rome

The very first edition of the 'Soho Mentorship' program in Rome launched 2023. We're excited to bring this opportunity to young Italian talent, matching them with local Soho House members as trusted mentors.

Soho Mentorship, Barcelona

This fall 2024 we’ll be launching the very first Soho Mentorship program in in buzzing Barcelona, providing young creatives across the city with support and a step forward on their journey through mentorship.

How did you experience the mentorship programme?

My mentor helped me a lot; she truly listened to me and supported me in creating a crowdfunding campaign, coaching me on my image/business side, giving feedback my concept and much more.

Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé

How did you experience the mentorship programme?

I greatly appreciate the growth and networking opportunities that Routes In provided. It helped me identify some personal and professional challenges that I still need to work on while giving me space to work on a project that I am passionate about. The team is so wonderful and I’m looking forward to seeing the program continue.

Rabiatou Bah

How did you experience the mentorship programme?

The mentor I got in the Routes In program thought me a lot about the music industry, the business side and all the analytics. It would have taken me years otherwise.I built a genuine connection with my mentor and it really helped the journey. My mentor put me in the same space with people I could only dream of. This is one of the things that brought me to another level from where I was at the begining of the program.

Rez Nemorin

How did you experience the mentorship programme?

It was a match made in heaven. My mentor, Sofie helped me find my place in the fashion industry and how to visualize my Ideas. I gained a lot of experience in assisting at editorials, campaigns, and fashion shows, while also growing my network.

Rajan Benjamin

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